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Shagun Decors is Certified Wedding Designer & Specializes In Indian Wedding and producing The most Exquisite Event Decor And Stage Designs For Intimate Weddings & Special Events.

Shagun Decors has had the privilege of creating an array of opulent, on trend designs for weddings and life’s celebrations. Whether it’s an intimate garden wedding or a large gathering, our events are gracious, elegant, and always polished to perfection. We can assist you in planning and executing every detail of your event. We strive to bring events to life that make our clients' personality and/or company mission shine through every detail, while respecting cultural traditions and preferences. Our custom designed celebrations reflect the heart of our clients. 

Shagun decors did a very good job for our anniversary party ! Set up was done fast and just how we wanted. I would highly recommend Shagun decors for any event you may have. Great customer service and excellent product. We will be using Shagun decors for more events!

Bill Sandhu & Kamal 





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